Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Bus Fire!

Well once in a while I still run calls, when the stars line up with the planets and the moon and magically I am actually available when a call comes in.

Well, here's a photo and the article I wrote up for it. More Photos will be available at http://www.avondalefirecompany.org in the near future.

Bus Fire 11/28/06 London Grove Twp PA

At 1753 hours on Tues Nov 28th the Avondale Fire Company was dispatched to a reported bus fire @ Rt 41 & Baltimore Pike in London Grove Twp PA. 1st arriving deputy 23 reported a bus well involved and instructed Engine 23-2 to use caution due to high tension lines above the bus. The crew from Engine 23-2 under the command of Lt Decker pulled a 1 ¾” hoseline and attacked the fire in the bus. Tanker 23-2 under the command of past chief Decker arrived immediately behind Engine 2 and established a water supply. Engine 23-1 under the command of Firefighter Mankin arrived and assisted the crew from Engine 23-2 with fire suppression efforts. The fire was placed under control within 15 minutes and units cleared with in an hour after the bus was removed from the scene. There were no injuries to anyone on the bus or any responding members.

Responding Units:
Eng 23-2
Tanker 23
Eng 23-2
Amb 23
Squad 23

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