Friday, November 10, 2006

Bad Day

Well yesterday wasn't a good one. The weather was nice and as I headed home from work my truck started acting up. It was running so I mistakenly tried to nurse it home to save a tow as we only had one left for the year w/ AAA.

Well as I was nursing it home it went south quick. The driveshaft dropped and the rear locked up. This caused the truck to slide sideways and stop in the middle of the road. Thankfully nobody was next to me or close behind me so nobody wacked me. But this left me sitting blocking the roadway in a bad spot. I quickly put out a flare to warn traffic and stayed away from the vehicle while calling Vicki & AAA. Then 2 guys from DELDOT arrived in a big orange dump truck. They blocked traffic and kept me safe for the 45 minutes it took for the tow truck to arrive. So now the truck has to be repaired again but we don't have the $$ to fix it. So we'll see what we can work out for it.

Last nite I was sore as all get out but today I am a bit better.

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