Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I apologize to my 2 readers, I have neglected my blog lately. Things have been hectic and crazy but I will try and post more. I guess I should finish out the info that I first posted about the trial spinal stimulator. The trial went well and it really helped Vicki’s mobility. We went last week and spoke w/ the doc and he is looking to put the perm one on Nov 3rd. Then she will be laid up for about 6 weeks while she heels. After that though she should be able to move around more, she won’t be moving furniture or anything but she will at least get some of her life back.

In other news, My part time gig is going fairly well and I am meeting fun and interesting people! LOL!

It looks like Feb will be my turn over in the Sandbox, I won’t say where and don’t know exactly when but it should be a fun time.

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