Sunday, October 29, 2006

Need a Vacation?

Our good friend Capt Mark at Blue Crab Charters has some awesome ideas for vacations here and in the caribbean. Check him out and make sure you tell him Chuck & Vicki sent you.

In other news things are settling back down but Fri is the big day for the perm spinal stimulator. Once that is in place she will be down for 6 weeks or so. No lifting, bending, reaching above her head, or twisting. That pretty much means lay in bed or sit in a chair. Fortunatly I am able to take the time off so I will be working 1/2 days during most of the time. The longer into the recovery it is the better she will be, they want the scar tissue to form around the stimulator so it will stay in place. Hopefully the perm one will provide as much or more relief as the temp one did a couple months back.

I still try and keep up w/ various blogs so I'll run down a few that I have been reading lately.

1. Armywife Toddler Mom is a daily read for me.

2. Blackfive is also a daily read. Lots going on over there

3. Sgt Allen @ Contact Right is still on his road to recovery at Walter Reed

4. Doc in the box is back home which is great!

5. I read Reid's blog everyday as well. Praying for him & Ellicia everyday too.

That's all for today. Enjoy the blogs.

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