Friday, October 27, 2006

It's a Small World

The internet makes the world so much smaller than ever before in our lives. We are so connected that everyone knows about things nearly as they happen, people have e-mail delivered to a phone in their hip pocket as they drive along and can respond while driving at 65mph along the interstate. Well at least they can try and drive and respond but that’s another story for a different day.
These last few days I have found the small world of the internet amazing. I am a daily reader of AWTM’s blog and through her blog I started reading about Reid & Ellicia Stanley’s ordeal on Reid’s blog. Of course I then started reading some of his old posts and found that he had spent some time over in a place where myself and several of my co-workers will be heading next year. Well after sending an e-mail to him he graciously gave us the real details on the place. Not the CNN version or the military’s version but the boots on the ground version, the foods good, there living conditions are pretty good, etc. The things that we want to know so we can plan a head when we prepare for the trip. In addition it seems I have made another military and blogger friend in the process. So please check out both of the blogs and please keep Reid & Ellicia in your thoughts and prayers.

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