Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Today is the day we can all legally dress up as someone else and have a little fun. Vicki & I love Halloween and going out to Haunted Houses and stuff. Fri nite we went to one put on by a local church w/ a Christian theme. This was fun and included a trip into the likes of hell. Last nite we went to a large haunted house over in Gradyville. The Bates brothers are farmers over there and have been adding to the farm income the last few years by running a haunted house and hayride. They call it The Bates Motel and they have 3 attractions set up, the Corn Maze, the Hotel, and the Hayride. They are great and provide great service at affordable prices and even offer a military discount!


The corn maze is fun and even allows for mostly wheelchair access. The hotel was even better and w/ the exception of a step to get in the whole thing is wheel chair friendly. Then the big event was the hayride, because of the wheel chair we were sent up another path and got right on to the wagon. We left the chair and it was waiting for us at the offload point! They really took great care of us!


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