Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Today is the day we can all legally dress up as someone else and have a little fun. Vicki & I love Halloween and going out to Haunted Houses and stuff. Fri nite we went to one put on by a local church w/ a Christian theme. This was fun and included a trip into the likes of hell. Last nite we went to a large haunted house over in Gradyville. The Bates brothers are farmers over there and have been adding to the farm income the last few years by running a haunted house and hayride. They call it The Bates Motel and they have 3 attractions set up, the Corn Maze, the Hotel, and the Hayride. They are great and provide great service at affordable prices and even offer a military discount!


The corn maze is fun and even allows for mostly wheelchair access. The hotel was even better and w/ the exception of a step to get in the whole thing is wheel chair friendly. Then the big event was the hayride, because of the wheel chair we were sent up another path and got right on to the wagon. We left the chair and it was waiting for us at the offload point! They really took great care of us!


Monday, October 30, 2006

God Speed Tony DiAlessrando

Today I am mourning the death of a fellow guardsman. TSgt DiAlessrando served his country as a guardsman, and served his state and community as a guardsman and as a DE State Trooper. Tony fought a long and hard fight with complications from his treatment for Hotchkins Disease several years ago.


Rest Easy Brother.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Need a Vacation?

Our good friend Capt Mark at Blue Crab Charters has some awesome ideas for vacations here and in the caribbean. Check him out and make sure you tell him Chuck & Vicki sent you.

In other news things are settling back down but Fri is the big day for the perm spinal stimulator. Once that is in place she will be down for 6 weeks or so. No lifting, bending, reaching above her head, or twisting. That pretty much means lay in bed or sit in a chair. Fortunatly I am able to take the time off so I will be working 1/2 days during most of the time. The longer into the recovery it is the better she will be, they want the scar tissue to form around the stimulator so it will stay in place. Hopefully the perm one will provide as much or more relief as the temp one did a couple months back.

I still try and keep up w/ various blogs so I'll run down a few that I have been reading lately.

1. Armywife Toddler Mom is a daily read for me.

2. Blackfive is also a daily read. Lots going on over there

3. Sgt Allen @ Contact Right is still on his road to recovery at Walter Reed

4. Doc in the box is back home which is great!

5. I read Reid's blog everyday as well. Praying for him & Ellicia everyday too.

That's all for today. Enjoy the blogs.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Idoicy of Law!

This is incredible. These two kids were tresspassing on private property when this unfortunate accident happened! They shouldn't be made rich from it, they should have been fined!

Jury awards $24 million to Pa. men burnt after climbing rail car
Associated Press

Posted Friday, October 27, 2006 at 10:49 am

PHILADELPHIA - A federal jury awarded $24.2 million to two men who were severely burned by electrical wires when they trespassed onto railroad property and climbed atop a rail car.

Jeffrey Klein and Brett Birdwell, who were 17 at the time of the accident, sued Amtrak and Norfolk Southern Corp. after being burned by a 12,500-volt electrical wire in Lancaster in August 2002. In their lawsuit, they argued that the companies should have placed warning signs alerting people to the wires, which power locomotives.
After an 11-day trial before U.S. District Judge Lawrence Stengel, the jury handed up its verdict Tuesday, finding the companies negligent.

Klein, who was burnt over 75 percent of his body, was awarded more than $11 million in compensatory damages; Birdwell, who was burned over 18 percent of his body, was awarded more than $588,000. The jury also awarded a total of $12.5 million in punitive damages, $8.75 million against Amtrak and $3.75 million against Norfolk Southern.

A defense attorney, Paul F.X. Gallagher, had urged the jury to exonerate the companies, saying that the teens were old enough to recognize the danger of the wires. The companies can appeal the jury verdict and the awards.

An attorney for the plaintiffs said the companies had to bear some responsibility.

"The boys were trespassing, but the law doesn't give blanket immunity to the landowner," attorney Joseph Roda said. "Both Amtrak and Norfolk Southern knew a lethal danger existed but failed to post any warning signs."

Klein and Birdwell, each now 22, lived in Stroudsburg at the time of the accident, but had been visiting Klein's mother in Lancaster. They were skateboarding when they decided they wanted to see the view from the top of the boxcar, according to their lawsuit.

Klein was shocked by the catenary wire, which hung 6 feet above the car, even though he did not touch it; Birdwell was burned while he tried to help his friend.

Klein suffered second- and third-degree burns across much of his body, including his left ear, neck, shoulders, arms, hand, back and groin. He spent several months recovering at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia and now has limited use of his left hand.

Birdwell, who is now serving with the Army in Afghanistan, spent a year recovering from his burns.

Friday, October 27, 2006

It's a Small World

The internet makes the world so much smaller than ever before in our lives. We are so connected that everyone knows about things nearly as they happen, people have e-mail delivered to a phone in their hip pocket as they drive along and can respond while driving at 65mph along the interstate. Well at least they can try and drive and respond but that’s another story for a different day.
These last few days I have found the small world of the internet amazing. I am a daily reader of AWTM’s blog and through her blog I started reading about Reid & Ellicia Stanley’s ordeal on Reid’s blog. Of course I then started reading some of his old posts and found that he had spent some time over in a place where myself and several of my co-workers will be heading next year. Well after sending an e-mail to him he graciously gave us the real details on the place. Not the CNN version or the military’s version but the boots on the ground version, the foods good, there living conditions are pretty good, etc. The things that we want to know so we can plan a head when we prepare for the trip. In addition it seems I have made another military and blogger friend in the process. So please check out both of the blogs and please keep Reid & Ellicia in your thoughts and prayers.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Another Day!

Just a short post to apologize for not posting lately and to say I won't be posting much for a bit. We are struggling through a few things here so I am busy w/ other things.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I apologize to my 2 readers, I have neglected my blog lately. Things have been hectic and crazy but I will try and post more. I guess I should finish out the info that I first posted about the trial spinal stimulator. The trial went well and it really helped Vicki’s mobility. We went last week and spoke w/ the doc and he is looking to put the perm one on Nov 3rd. Then she will be laid up for about 6 weeks while she heels. After that though she should be able to move around more, she won’t be moving furniture or anything but she will at least get some of her life back.

In other news, My part time gig is going fairly well and I am meeting fun and interesting people! LOL!

It looks like Feb will be my turn over in the Sandbox, I won’t say where and don’t know exactly when but it should be a fun time.