Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sunday Stuff

Your Life Is Worth...


Well I guess that's what I will make over the rest of my life. Of course that doesn't take into consideration that I might hit the powerball, some old millionaire might leave me a huge amount of money, or I might luck into sleeping with some old rich lady. LOL!

Looks like the best show on TV is back on again and my Sunday evenings will be spent watching it again. I love Extreme Home Make Over and the happiness they bring to people. Pauly is my favorite and grew up not far from me, I probably went to school w/ one of his cousins or nieces.

In addition to that I have become hooked on the HBO series "The Wire" it might even be enough for me to keep HBO after my free 3 months are done. I love The Shield so the wire is as good or better. The cool part is it's set not far from me in Baltimore and could almost be a reality show from what I have heard.

In other blog news I have a few must reads for this week,

Check out Storm In Afghanistan, and please keep him and his wife in your prayers. Also if you can help out his fundraising effort please do, at least you know every dime will go to a good cause and not to "Administrative Overhead" like so many charities. Thanks to Army Wife for pointing me to this site and for giving space on her blog for them.

Blackfive has his usual great stuff

Speaking of fund raising, check out our Ebay Store we are cleaning out the house and hoping to move to the islands one day, plus we are raising some much needed $$ to help out w/ a few things around here.

From My Position, On the Way has a great piece about remembering 9/11/01.

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