Sunday, September 17, 2006

Spinal Stimulator Trial Day 3

Sorry for skipping day 2. It was mainly a day of rest w/ some walking up and down the driveway. So today we gave it a work out.

Well today we put the stimulator to the test. We headed out this morning for a few errands but not before a great breakfast at the firehouse in the next town. $8 for all you can eat, plus they have sweet potato pancakes which the wife loves. She walked into the firehouse and most of the way to the pay table w/out stopping thanks to the stimulator. After a short rest she walked all the way to the table and took a short rest while I got my plate. Then I went up with her to make sure I was there if she lost her balance. She did great though and got her own plate.

After a great meal we headed out shopping, first the the pet store, then the dollar store next door, then to drug store next to that. She walked them all but used the cart mainly for balance in the dollar store and drug store. After that we headed home to get Zioux because we saw at the pet store that another store in the chain was having a wellness clinic w/ $10 rabies shots. Since we are not sure if he ever even had one we took him up there. He was a good boy and loves to ride in the car. Because it was a bit warm and he wasn't the most cooperative puppy the suggested that the doc would give him a shot in the truck. So while I held him and kept the front occupied on one side, the doc and his assistant opened the other door and popped the shot right in his butt. He never even flinched and I am not even sure he knows they were even there. So now he's safe from rabies.

More on the trial tommorrow.

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