Sunday, September 10, 2006

September 11th 2005 - We Remember Melissa Doi

As part of the 2,996 on 9/11 Blog effort I have posted the following to honor Melissa C Doi of New York NY. I hope you will take the time to read this and also to read some of the other blogs linked from 2,996

This is not a post to focus on the tragedy of 9/11 it is a post celebrate Melissa Doi and her love of life. When I signed on to be a part of this project I wondered what I would do and how I would find the information, I had no control over who I would honor but fortunately I was assigned Melissa’s name. I did a quick Google search and found her to be a wonderful person who was full of life and loved her family very much. She loved her mother so much that she bought a condo in the Bronx large enough for both of them to live in together. She and her mother were leaving for a trip to Italy on that Friday, the 14th, tragically they never got that chance. I am sure that she was thinking about that trip the day this tragedy happened. . From what I have read Melissa was a strong person and an original thinker who was not one to just go with the status quo, that strength enabled her to be strong for her coworkers that day and surely eased their pain in the fateful time before the south tower tragically collapsed.

Melissa was a dancer and I searched the web quite a bit looking for a poem about dancing that I thought fit the bill. I found several but this one seems to stand out.

Dance Unto The Light by Katrina Lucas

Dance unto the light,
Sway to the sounds of time,
Watch the angels bright,
As they dance within your mind.
Dance my friends and sway,
To beauty, to laughter, to love,
For this is the most perfect day,
A perfect gift from above!
Dance unto the light,
Catch the stars bright,
For perfect are the angels love,
From the One Most High above!
Dance, dance, dance
As the music plays on,
Dance, Dance, Dance,
As we listen to their song.
Dance unto the light,
Star light, star bright,
Watch as the baby is born,
On a most glorious morn?
Dance unto the light,
Catch the stars so bright,
Yes He died on a tree,
But He died for Victory!
dance unto the light,
We dance unto the night,
The song has been sung,
For He has finally won!

Surely Melissa is up there watching down on everyone on earth and keeping a watch over family and friends, comforting them during these difficult times. She is dancing each day with the angels.

I hope that you will take time on this day to remember Melissa & all those who gave their lives on this day 5 years ago. Don’t think of the bad things, just remember the great lives that those people led and the great deeds that so many did for absolute strangers that day.

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