Friday, September 29, 2006

Busy Week

Been a busy time lately, working a 2nd job on weekends and working on stuff around the house has kept me busy.

IN the news here's some stories I found.

Please keep Lance Cpl John McClellan in your prayers. He was shot in the head in Iraq this week. The bullet pierced his balistic helmet and exited in the back of his neck. Complete details are Here

MSNBC is running a great series of videos about some of the hero's of the war. Blackfive has some good stuff here.

One Marine's View has a great piece about The Pledge of Allegiance

Uncle Jimbo posted an intersting piece about his brother in law.

Army Wife Toddler Mom is up to her usual stuff and has some great posts there too.

Sorry I couldn't post more this week. Maybe things will settle down soon and I can post more stuff.

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