Friday, September 29, 2006

Busy Week

Been a busy time lately, working a 2nd job on weekends and working on stuff around the house has kept me busy.

IN the news here's some stories I found.

Please keep Lance Cpl John McClellan in your prayers. He was shot in the head in Iraq this week. The bullet pierced his balistic helmet and exited in the back of his neck. Complete details are Here

MSNBC is running a great series of videos about some of the hero's of the war. Blackfive has some good stuff here.

One Marine's View has a great piece about The Pledge of Allegiance

Uncle Jimbo posted an intersting piece about his brother in law.

Army Wife Toddler Mom is up to her usual stuff and has some great posts there too.

Sorry I couldn't post more this week. Maybe things will settle down soon and I can post more stuff.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Talk Like A Pirate Day


Thanks AW for letting me know that it's talk like a pirate day. Too bad I didn't know it earlier.

I did get my pirate name though

My pirate name is:

Bloody Morty Flint

Every pirate lives for something different. For some, it's the open sea. For others (the masochists), it's the food. For you, it's definitely the fighting. Like the rock flint, you're hard and sharp. But, also like flint, you're easily chipped, and sparky. Arr!

Get your own pirate name from
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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Spinal Stimulator Trial Day 3

Sorry for skipping day 2. It was mainly a day of rest w/ some walking up and down the driveway. So today we gave it a work out.

Well today we put the stimulator to the test. We headed out this morning for a few errands but not before a great breakfast at the firehouse in the next town. $8 for all you can eat, plus they have sweet potato pancakes which the wife loves. She walked into the firehouse and most of the way to the pay table w/out stopping thanks to the stimulator. After a short rest she walked all the way to the table and took a short rest while I got my plate. Then I went up with her to make sure I was there if she lost her balance. She did great though and got her own plate.

After a great meal we headed out shopping, first the the pet store, then the dollar store next door, then to drug store next to that. She walked them all but used the cart mainly for balance in the dollar store and drug store. After that we headed home to get Zioux because we saw at the pet store that another store in the chain was having a wellness clinic w/ $10 rabies shots. Since we are not sure if he ever even had one we took him up there. He was a good boy and loves to ride in the car. Because it was a bit warm and he wasn't the most cooperative puppy the suggested that the doc would give him a shot in the truck. So while I held him and kept the front occupied on one side, the doc and his assistant opened the other door and popped the shot right in his butt. He never even flinched and I am not even sure he knows they were even there. So now he's safe from rabies.

More on the trial tommorrow.

Sunday Stuff

Your Life Is Worth...


Well I guess that's what I will make over the rest of my life. Of course that doesn't take into consideration that I might hit the powerball, some old millionaire might leave me a huge amount of money, or I might luck into sleeping with some old rich lady. LOL!

Looks like the best show on TV is back on again and my Sunday evenings will be spent watching it again. I love Extreme Home Make Over and the happiness they bring to people. Pauly is my favorite and grew up not far from me, I probably went to school w/ one of his cousins or nieces.

In addition to that I have become hooked on the HBO series "The Wire" it might even be enough for me to keep HBO after my free 3 months are done. I love The Shield so the wire is as good or better. The cool part is it's set not far from me in Baltimore and could almost be a reality show from what I have heard.

In other blog news I have a few must reads for this week,

Check out Storm In Afghanistan, and please keep him and his wife in your prayers. Also if you can help out his fundraising effort please do, at least you know every dime will go to a good cause and not to "Administrative Overhead" like so many charities. Thanks to Army Wife for pointing me to this site and for giving space on her blog for them.

Blackfive has his usual great stuff

Speaking of fund raising, check out our Ebay Store we are cleaning out the house and hoping to move to the islands one day, plus we are raising some much needed $$ to help out w/ a few things around here.

From My Position, On the Way has a great piece about remembering 9/11/01.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Spinal Stimulator Day 1

The trial spinal stimulator insertion went well. We had to be there @ 0615 though. That doesn't sound bad until you factor in the fact that it's about an hour +/- drive into the big city for us. I set the alarm for 3:45pm though! Fortunatly Vicki awoke about 0430 and we were up and running. Quick shower and dressed and out the door before 0500!

The staff @ the hospital were great and they have a great policy that the patient must see the treating doc in the OR before he/she can be put out. The rep from the stimulator company was great and we found she is related by marriage to a very famous family from the town where I grew up.

So far the stimulator seems to be working well and Vicki is in minimal pain for the most part. The area where the leads were placed is tender and will be for a few days.

We'll keep everyone posted on the progress and hopefully it will work for her.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Major Pat Houtman - Someone You Should Know

Major Pat Houtman is a traditional member of the DE Air National Guard, meaning he serves one weekend a month and two weeks of training during the year unless he is called upon to do more. Well during the 2 years that members of the DE Air National Guard's 142 Airlift Squadron were activated Pat and others from the DE ANG flew critical wartime missions in support of both Iraqi Freedom & Enduring Freedom. It was during one of these low flying missions in the units C-130 aircraft that Pat's training and experience were put to the test. As the plane loaded with supplies and 10 passengers flew low Pat spotted enemy fire coming toward the aircraft. Pat immedetely began evasive actions while at the same time informing the crew so they could begin their actions too. Major Houtman's actions were directly responsible for safely avoiding the enemy fire and bringing the crew and passengers back safely. For his actions on that day Major Houtman recieved the Distinguished Flying Cross in a ceremony this past Sunday. Read more Here

I am proud to have served with Major Houtman and very proud of his accomplishment.

Sunday, September 10, 2006


September 11th 2006. Five Years ago 343 of my Brothers from FDNY and 125 of my military brothers and sisters at the Pentagon were killed. In addition to those there were over 2500 others were killed. Below is my tribute video to everyone who was murdered on 9/11/01 but in particular my Brothers & Sisters.

September 11th 2005 - We Remember Melissa Doi

As part of the 2,996 on 9/11 Blog effort I have posted the following to honor Melissa C Doi of New York NY. I hope you will take the time to read this and also to read some of the other blogs linked from 2,996

This is not a post to focus on the tragedy of 9/11 it is a post celebrate Melissa Doi and her love of life. When I signed on to be a part of this project I wondered what I would do and how I would find the information, I had no control over who I would honor but fortunately I was assigned Melissa’s name. I did a quick Google search and found her to be a wonderful person who was full of life and loved her family very much. She loved her mother so much that she bought a condo in the Bronx large enough for both of them to live in together. She and her mother were leaving for a trip to Italy on that Friday, the 14th, tragically they never got that chance. I am sure that she was thinking about that trip the day this tragedy happened. . From what I have read Melissa was a strong person and an original thinker who was not one to just go with the status quo, that strength enabled her to be strong for her coworkers that day and surely eased their pain in the fateful time before the south tower tragically collapsed.

Melissa was a dancer and I searched the web quite a bit looking for a poem about dancing that I thought fit the bill. I found several but this one seems to stand out.

Dance Unto The Light by Katrina Lucas

Dance unto the light,
Sway to the sounds of time,
Watch the angels bright,
As they dance within your mind.
Dance my friends and sway,
To beauty, to laughter, to love,
For this is the most perfect day,
A perfect gift from above!
Dance unto the light,
Catch the stars bright,
For perfect are the angels love,
From the One Most High above!
Dance, dance, dance
As the music plays on,
Dance, Dance, Dance,
As we listen to their song.
Dance unto the light,
Star light, star bright,
Watch as the baby is born,
On a most glorious morn?
Dance unto the light,
Catch the stars so bright,
Yes He died on a tree,
But He died for Victory!
dance unto the light,
We dance unto the night,
The song has been sung,
For He has finally won!

Surely Melissa is up there watching down on everyone on earth and keeping a watch over family and friends, comforting them during these difficult times. She is dancing each day with the angels.

I hope that you will take time on this day to remember Melissa & all those who gave their lives on this day 5 years ago. Don’t think of the bad things, just remember the great lives that those people led and the great deeds that so many did for absolute strangers that day.

Monday, September 04, 2006

1 Week til 9/11

With only 1 week to go I am working on my post for the 2996 project, I was fortunate enough to be able to honor Melissa Doi. Fortunately there is some info on Melissa on the web. She was able to call 911 from her cell phone and her conversations are on the web. I won't link them here but if you want to hear them then google it.

I am working hard to make this a meaningful post. Also I have a nice video I created honoring my fallen brothers from that day. So keep checking back here for updates and Never Forget 9/11/01.