Thursday, August 03, 2006

@sshole of the Week!

Here's my @sshole of the week. Sen Conrad Burns (R Montana). Sen Burns recently verbally attacked wildland firefighters from VA as they awaited their plane at the Billings Airport. He advised them that their service to his state in controlling a recent wildfire near Billings was "Piss Poor". Nice guy huh? This isn't his first brush with infamy though, he's know to shoot off his mouth
In 1999 he refered to Arabs as Rag Heads
In 1994, he repeated a story which refred to African American's by a word which begins w/ N that I will not post here. Then made comments about living w/ the blacks in DC must be "A hell of a challenge".
He once told a flight attendent who was concerned for her job that she should "go home and be a mother".

The good senator seems to not care who he offends.

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