Saturday, August 19, 2006

Changes in Attitudes Changes in Lattitudes

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"Reading departure signs in some big airport reminds me of the places I've been. Visions of good times that brought so much pleasure makes me want to go back again"

As Jimmy Buffett says in "Changes in Attitudes Changes in Lattiudes" I have traveled a bit and hope to travel more and maybe even see all 50 states. If I counted lay overs I'd add a few more states but I count states which I have spent time in or have at least spent an hour or so on the highways driving through.

create your own visited countries map
or vertaling Duits Nederlands

In addition to the 27 states displayed above I have been to 15 countries. A couple of them were lay overs on a trip but since they were long enough to get a cold one I'll count them. I hope to add a couple more to the list soon.

So, where have you been that I have been? Let me know in the comments!

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