Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Twister Time!

Aunty Em, Aunty Em, it’s a twister!

Yep, that’s right we had a small tornado in my neck of the woods yesterday. It wasn’t far at all from my house but we weren’t home anyways. We were in the big city for the afternoon at a class for the upcoming spinal stimulator surgery. Hopefully I understood what they were saying but I guess the big test will be on the 15th when I put the trial one into Vicki.
OK, now lets see who was paying attention. Of course I won’t be the one who is doing the surgery. The “class” was more of an orientation and question and answer session with a nurse/sales rep from the stimulator company and the doctor. We got a lot of questions answered and are excited about the 15th when the trial stimulator goes in until the 21st. If it works then we’ll schedule the full surgical install after that. The trail ones is just the wire part that goes into the back and the actual unit is on the outside of the body. The real deal is a small battery and the wires which go completely under the skin, then get charged up and controlled by an “antenna” which is laid on or taped to the skin near the spot where the battery is.

Back to the weather, nobody was hurt in the tornado but several mushroom houses were damaged pretty bad. I felt sorry for poor Zioux who was home all alone and was probably scared to death with such weather nearby. He didn’t seem any worse for wear when we got home but he was very happy to see us. We didn’t get any damage at all so that’s a good thing.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Another Sailing Cruise

Yesterday we headed to Rock Hall MD for a nice day away. We had dinner @ Waterman's Crab House then set sail on our sunset cruise. The weather didn't cooperate for a sunset but the wind was fantastic for a wonderful sail. Capt Mark & 1st & Only Mate Suzanne did a wonderful job. We were on the boat w/ 2 other couples and we all had a great time relaxing with the wind in the sails and very light waves. Then afterwards we headed back to Waterman's to enjoy some live music and great company. If you are looking for something fun to do on Maryland's Eastern Shore make sure you look up Capt Mark & crew from Blue Crab Chesapeake Charters. They do a wonderful job for day sails, sunset cruises and other charters from Rock Hall MD.

Capt Mark was our guide and captain for our wonderful Virgin Islands trip in Feb. You can read about that trip Here

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Never be Ashamed to Be an American!

If you haven't seen LTC Randolph White's speech to the graduating infantry class @ Ft Benning, you have to watch it.

The text of it is available @ Blackfive.

This will make you proud to be an American and very proud of the men and women who are boots on the ground in some of the worlds hotspots right now.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Get A Life!

Looks like the dean at the school this child goes to needs a life. Check out Jenns Blog and see the horrible haircut that has her poor son in Lunch Jail at school! Shouldn't the dean worry a bit more about more important issues, like maybe drugs or violence then an honor students hair?

HT Army Wife for the link from her blog on this one!

Changes in Attitudes Changes in Lattitudes

create your own visited states map

"Reading departure signs in some big airport reminds me of the places I've been. Visions of good times that brought so much pleasure makes me want to go back again"

As Jimmy Buffett says in "Changes in Attitudes Changes in Lattiudes" I have traveled a bit and hope to travel more and maybe even see all 50 states. If I counted lay overs I'd add a few more states but I count states which I have spent time in or have at least spent an hour or so on the highways driving through.

create your own visited countries map
or vertaling Duits Nederlands

In addition to the 27 states displayed above I have been to 15 countries. A couple of them were lay overs on a trip but since they were long enough to get a cold one I'll count them. I hope to add a couple more to the list soon.

So, where have you been that I have been? Let me know in the comments!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The War Tapes Part II

As promised although a little later than promised here's my take on The War Tapes. All in all I thought it was excellent and showed the guard in a very positive light. Yes these guys are not PC and they don't show the highest respect for the enemy but War is like that. It's hard to say nice things and not give rude names to people who are trying to kill you. The war tapes shows a very small slice of what these folks live through every single day over there and gives us a small and highly controlled glimpse into their world.
The movie show them doing convoy operations, town patrol, and escorting TCN's (Third Country Nationals) who do a lot of the work on the bases over there. It shows them getting hit w/ gun fire, having IED's blow up around them and at the gate of the base and shows mortar rounds impacting the base. From folks I have talked to who were over in the sandbox this is everyday life and the pucker factor is high. Imagine living for a year in close quarters w/ a bunch of other guys in a state of constant threat. The threat level ebbs and flows w/ the job at hand and certainly being outside of the walls of the base it's a whole lot higher but there is still the constant threat onbase of mortars etc. It certainly makes for a long year I am sure.
The other part I liked was it showed the home coming and the getting back to the life they left. The homecoming was great, the ladders trucks making an arch, the police escort, and the cops standing on the side of the road saluting the bus was great. It's nice to see them welcomed home w/ such a display. When Mike goes back to work there is a huge sign on the gate of the airport where he works which was really cool.

I would highly recommend this movie for everyone.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

The War Tapes

The Mrs & I went to see The War Tapes tonite @ Theater N in Wilmington. We both seriously enjoyed the film and found that the theater is lovely.

I am tired and have to drill tommorrow so I will post more tommorrow nite on this outstanding film. If you are local to me, there will be 2 more showings tommorrow @ 1400 & 1700. All I can say it I highly recommend this film and will post more about it later.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

@sshole of the Week!

Here's my @sshole of the week. Sen Conrad Burns (R Montana). Sen Burns recently verbally attacked wildland firefighters from VA as they awaited their plane at the Billings Airport. He advised them that their service to his state in controlling a recent wildfire near Billings was "Piss Poor". Nice guy huh? This isn't his first brush with infamy though, he's know to shoot off his mouth
In 1999 he refered to Arabs as Rag Heads
In 1994, he repeated a story which refred to African American's by a word which begins w/ N that I will not post here. Then made comments about living w/ the blacks in DC must be "A hell of a challenge".
He once told a flight attendent who was concerned for her job that she should "go home and be a mother".

The good senator seems to not care who he offends.

Here's a link