Friday, July 14, 2006

Why we are in Iraq

While the MSM keeps feeding us a huge does of reasons why we should cut and run from Iraq and just let things go the way they are here is some better news. Yes the detractors of the war will say it's propaganda because it comes from the Dept of Defense here it is

Here's a quote from Iraq's Deputy Rep to the UN to a gathering of Goldstar Mothers @ the NJ Vietnam Vet memorial.

"We were a country without hope," Istrabadi said. "The intervention of the United States in my country has been a lifeline for us. It has restored hope for us that our future will be very different from our past."

Hearing laughter in Iraq's streets again and no longer feeling the need to cringe when admitting their heritage is part of what America's intervention has given back to his country, he said.

"These are not small things. These are things for which this country, and you as individuals and your children, have earned our tremendous gratitude," Istrabadi said. "Words of thanks truly seem to me to be insufficient to convey to you the thanks of a country, a grateful nation, which has lingered too long under tyranny."

Iraq's gratitude to the United States and the families who have sacrificed personally "will be eternal," he said.

If you are not familiar w/ the term Gold Star mother, they are the mothers of servicemen & women who have been killed in combat. These women have truly sacrificed for the freedom of our nation and those who's aid we have come to over the years.

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