Friday, July 14, 2006

News, Fires, A Mistreated Vet & More!

I haven't blogged much lately as I've been busy as heck at work. I got a few minutes of downtime here and wanted to share a few things with the 4 others who read my blog.

First off, Matt @ Blackfive brings us the story of a teacher in TN who is a two time Operation Enduring Freedom vet who lost his job after returning from Afganistan the secnd time. He wasn't fire, he was "let go" because not enough students had signed up for the classes he was teaching!

Check it out Here!

In other news from the local area, the fire company where I started as a junior fireifighter more years ago then I care to admit had a big 4 alarm fire on Monday morning. The fire destroyed a strip mall on Rt 3 near 476. Check out the great photos from Brian Feeney @ Here

A belated Happy 36th Birthday to Army Wife, Toddler Mom

MSNBC has a great Article about the brothers and sisters from New Orleans FD doing the job they love despite low pay, horrible conditions, and more fires each day than they used to see in a week or more before Katrina!

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