Monday, July 03, 2006

July 4th 2006

I was going to send this to our local paper for publication on July 4th but it was OTE (Over Taken by Events). So instead I will post it here with this great photo I found on the web.

Today we celebrate the independence of our great nation. We have been a free nation for 230 years now, yet there are still those who have no real idea of how much freedom we enjoy and the cost of that freedom. Today many will celebrate with picnics and barbeques, fireworks and parades. Families will head to the shore or head to the homes of family and friends to celebrate this extra day off from work. Today however there are American servicemen and women on the ground in Iraq, Afghanistan and other far off lands fighting to give others the freedom so many of us take for granted each day. Today they will work as they usually do in hot and dangerous conditions, they will patrol some of the most dangerous streets in the world, they will work to save their wounded comrades, they will work side by side with their Iraqi and Afghan counterparts to help them achieve their own freedoms. Don't feel bad for these courageous men and women, they have chosen the profession of arms and are proud to serve this great country because they know all too well the real price of freedom. They willingly sacrifice their time and often their lives for our freedom and the freedom of others. Instead take a moment today to remember them and honor them, especially those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Honor them by enjoying your day with your family, by flying your American Flag today and everyday, and by showing the proper respect for that flag.

If you attend a parade today, remember to stand in tribute as the American Flag is carried by. Remember this same flag has been carried into battle by our troops and has covered the remains of those who gave their lives for our freedom. Take a moment to shake the hand of the veteran carrying that flag and thank him or her for their service. Tell them you are thankful for their service and for the freedoms you enjoy, and above all, always remember that freedom is never free.

If you want to see what the world is really like for some of these men and women I direct you to a couple of Blogs.

Doc in the Box is the blog of a Navy Corpsman currently stationed in Iraq.

Sgt Missick's Blog

365 & a Wakeup The 1st of the 184 Infrantry just returned from 18 months at war.

Elijah Allen's Blog Sgt Allen was wounded in Iraq and is recovering at Walter Reed.

Some Soldier's Mom she has lived every military parent's nightmare. Her son Noah was seriously wounded in Iraq.

Sgt Hook CSM (Command Sgt Major) Hook hasn't posted much lately but his blog is still a good read. For those who don't speak Milspeak the CSM is the highest enlisted rank in a unit and is responsible for all of the enlisted troops below him, he ensures that they are taken care of and things flow smootly.

If you would like to support these wonderful men and women who are seriving in the sandbox here are a few places to go.

Soldier's Angels a great organization.

Keystone Soldier's a local PA group helping those who serve.

Valour IT voice activated Laptops for injured troops.

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