Sunday, July 30, 2006

2996 on 9/11

I have signed up for the 9/11 tribute being done by
D C Roe

I have been asked to pay tribute to Melissa C Doi, who worked for a financial software company in the WTC. Make sure you check my site on 9/11 for this tribute. If you are a blogger and would like to participate please check out D.C's like above or the link to the right of my blog.

Sunday's stuff

It's a quiet sunday and it's way too hot out so I am relaxing and surfing the web a bit. I have checked the blogs I usually read and found a few things to share w/ the 3 or 4 of you who actually read my blog.

From From My Position, On the way comes a link to a site about Islam called, The Religion of Peace which details the many attacks by Islamic Extremeists.

Blackfive has some interesting stuff from the Isreal Situation

Words from an Isreali Army Captain

Uncle Jimbo posts that Kofi Annan is the worst UN official ever.

Check out the many posts from Elijah Allen @ Contact Right Taking Fire he has some interesting stuff this week.

The Mudville Gazette Milblogs has a sad story this week of !Navy Astronaut Charles Bradey

That's all for now, hope everyone has a great day and stays cool

Cynical? Me?

You Are 56% Cynical

Yes, you are cynical, but more than anything, you're a realist.
You see what's screwed up in the world, but you also take time to remember what's right.

WOW! I even have Ala @ Blonde Sagacity beat, she's only 48%. How cynical are you?

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Being TDY is fun but after a couple of days you are usually ready for home. This time was no different. The class was great but it was a lot of class crammed into a week. The 2 classes should have been 3 days and 5 days but we got it all in 5 days. We started @ 0730 and went til 1700 w/ an hour lunch most days. By the end of the day my head was spinning and I was whooped. So by the end of the 5 days it was time to come home.
Then of course everything seemed to conspire to keep up from getting home. When I drove into Manchester the sky was getting dark to the west so I knew that the storms were moving in. I hoped that we would get out in time, but when I saw my classmate who left earlier than I did standing at the curb w/ his bags I knew there was trouble. He was bumped til a Sun flight so the airline was sending him to the Holiday Inn. I was told by the airline that my flight was cancelled but they would move me to the 8:30 flight, fortunatly the other agent was on the ball and had me booked onto the 3:15 flight that at 4:20 was still at the gate. So I headed up there and was told it would be around 6:00 before we left. Not a big deal I was scheduled to leave at 5:50 anyways. Well it was almost 8:00 before we finally left. Then when we got to Philly it took over and hour to get the bags to us. I finally got home after 11:00pm! It did feel good to get in the car and once again be back in control of where I was heading and when.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Stranded by the Storm!

I love a good thunderstorm but when it delays my flight home, I am not too happy with it. I am delayed in Manchester but my plane just arrived so hopefully we'll be on out way soon. I did see some wild lightening and it rained so hard that you couldn't see 10 feet past the windows. Hopefully I'll me on my way outta here soon.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

TDY Day 3

Today is the 3rd day of class and it's been intense w/ lots to learn. Mon nite I was out looking for something to eat and saw the Newington FD engine turning into a local shopping center, so being the wacker I am I followed them in (from a safe distance) and took the above photo of a crash. So far though they have had a 2 alarm fire, a working house fire and a crash nearby, all while I was in class during the day! LOL!

Other than that tonite I had dinner with a friend from Dover AFB who is stationed up here now. It was good to catch up with him. He works at the place where I am taking the class, but we don't see each other during the day.

Other than that it's been a good TDY but I will be ready to go home on Fri.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

On The Road!

I will be on the road to NH for a class this week. I am promised internet access @ the hotel so I will try and keep up my blog.

Don't Rob a Marine Part 2

Here's another great story of criminal stupidity!

If door has 'USMC,' move on ... but not to a side window

The Post and Courier

A man accused of trying to break into a Congress Street home might have missed a crucial visual cue.

The bright, red front door emblazoned with the letters "USMC" wouldn't seem to make the house an inviting target for most burglars.

Unfortunately for Anthony Deloach, police say he tried to gain entry by pulling out an air-conditioning unit on the side of the home.

True to its outward appearance, the house has been an outpost for U.S. Marines at the nearby Citadel for about a generation. Locally, it is known as "The Boneyard."

"It's a good thing that he broke into our house and not an elderly person's house or some other house in the neighborhood," said Sgt. Matthew Smith, 27, one of the three Marines credited with detaining a would-be burglar around 1:15 p.m. June 27.

Staff Sgt. Robert Clements, 30, had confronted a man at the rear of the home, then chased him a short distance with Smith and a third Marine, Sgt. Brad Parr, 23, police said.

When the trio caught up with him, the man did not put Marine battle skills to the test.

"As a matter of fact, he was very courteous," Clements said. "He was very nice and just wanted us to let him go."

Instead, they turned him over to police.

Deloach, 37, was held at the Charleston County Detention Center on Tuesday evening without bail. In addition to an attempted burglary charge, he was being held on three first-degree burglary charges from Charleston police, according to court documents.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Wayne Newton Rocks!

This morning I started browsing my usual blogs and on my usual first stop @ Army Wife Toddler Mom I read the best story of the week. It was a link to another Chuck's website. He details the wonderful thing that Wayne Newton did for him and his wife while they were visiting vegas recently.

In other blog news...

LTC Dan Holland someone you should know.

For the guys, Michelle Malkin has some interesting video for World Jump Day

Sgt Hook has info on bloggers honoring the victims of 9/11. Count me in on this one as I am working on something special for that day already.

Elijah Allen has his usual comments on life that will make you laugh and make you say Hmmm.

Lastly, Blonde Sagacity has an interesting post about a family who went on vacation to Lebanon and is upset w/ the US for not evacuating them immediately when things went bad! Well, if you "vacation" in a hot spot of the world like that then you are taking certain risks. Does anyone take responsibility for their actions anymore?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Last Inspection

The last one is over and we did very well. Now it's time to relax a bit and handle some of the things put on the backburner while going thru all of this.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Why we are in Iraq

While the MSM keeps feeding us a huge does of reasons why we should cut and run from Iraq and just let things go the way they are here is some better news. Yes the detractors of the war will say it's propaganda because it comes from the Dept of Defense here it is

Here's a quote from Iraq's Deputy Rep to the UN to a gathering of Goldstar Mothers @ the NJ Vietnam Vet memorial.

"We were a country without hope," Istrabadi said. "The intervention of the United States in my country has been a lifeline for us. It has restored hope for us that our future will be very different from our past."

Hearing laughter in Iraq's streets again and no longer feeling the need to cringe when admitting their heritage is part of what America's intervention has given back to his country, he said.

"These are not small things. These are things for which this country, and you as individuals and your children, have earned our tremendous gratitude," Istrabadi said. "Words of thanks truly seem to me to be insufficient to convey to you the thanks of a country, a grateful nation, which has lingered too long under tyranny."

Iraq's gratitude to the United States and the families who have sacrificed personally "will be eternal," he said.

If you are not familiar w/ the term Gold Star mother, they are the mothers of servicemen & women who have been killed in combat. These women have truly sacrificed for the freedom of our nation and those who's aid we have come to over the years.

News, Fires, A Mistreated Vet & More!

I haven't blogged much lately as I've been busy as heck at work. I got a few minutes of downtime here and wanted to share a few things with the 4 others who read my blog.

First off, Matt @ Blackfive brings us the story of a teacher in TN who is a two time Operation Enduring Freedom vet who lost his job after returning from Afganistan the secnd time. He wasn't fire, he was "let go" because not enough students had signed up for the classes he was teaching!

Check it out Here!

In other news from the local area, the fire company where I started as a junior fireifighter more years ago then I care to admit had a big 4 alarm fire on Monday morning. The fire destroyed a strip mall on Rt 3 near 476. Check out the great photos from Brian Feeney @ Here

A belated Happy 36th Birthday to Army Wife, Toddler Mom

MSNBC has a great Article about the brothers and sisters from New Orleans FD doing the job they love despite low pay, horrible conditions, and more fires each day than they used to see in a week or more before Katrina!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

More July 4th

Laughing Wolf has a great post at Blackfive today. He remembers the true meaning of this great day in our history.
Maybe that is one of our problems and why so many won't support the war or the troops?!?! We have become a spoiled nation which has forgotten it's past. Many have trouble recalling what happened on 9/11 so how can we expect them to remember a time when they weren't even born?

Basil's Blog also has a nice piece on the Decleration of Independence along with a list of the original signers broken down by state.

Click here

Monday, July 03, 2006

July 4th 2006

I was going to send this to our local paper for publication on July 4th but it was OTE (Over Taken by Events). So instead I will post it here with this great photo I found on the web.

Today we celebrate the independence of our great nation. We have been a free nation for 230 years now, yet there are still those who have no real idea of how much freedom we enjoy and the cost of that freedom. Today many will celebrate with picnics and barbeques, fireworks and parades. Families will head to the shore or head to the homes of family and friends to celebrate this extra day off from work. Today however there are American servicemen and women on the ground in Iraq, Afghanistan and other far off lands fighting to give others the freedom so many of us take for granted each day. Today they will work as they usually do in hot and dangerous conditions, they will patrol some of the most dangerous streets in the world, they will work to save their wounded comrades, they will work side by side with their Iraqi and Afghan counterparts to help them achieve their own freedoms. Don't feel bad for these courageous men and women, they have chosen the profession of arms and are proud to serve this great country because they know all too well the real price of freedom. They willingly sacrifice their time and often their lives for our freedom and the freedom of others. Instead take a moment today to remember them and honor them, especially those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Honor them by enjoying your day with your family, by flying your American Flag today and everyday, and by showing the proper respect for that flag.

If you attend a parade today, remember to stand in tribute as the American Flag is carried by. Remember this same flag has been carried into battle by our troops and has covered the remains of those who gave their lives for our freedom. Take a moment to shake the hand of the veteran carrying that flag and thank him or her for their service. Tell them you are thankful for their service and for the freedoms you enjoy, and above all, always remember that freedom is never free.

If you want to see what the world is really like for some of these men and women I direct you to a couple of Blogs.

Doc in the Box is the blog of a Navy Corpsman currently stationed in Iraq.

Sgt Missick's Blog

365 & a Wakeup The 1st of the 184 Infrantry just returned from 18 months at war.

Elijah Allen's Blog Sgt Allen was wounded in Iraq and is recovering at Walter Reed.

Some Soldier's Mom she has lived every military parent's nightmare. Her son Noah was seriously wounded in Iraq.

Sgt Hook CSM (Command Sgt Major) Hook hasn't posted much lately but his blog is still a good read. For those who don't speak Milspeak the CSM is the highest enlisted rank in a unit and is responsible for all of the enlisted troops below him, he ensures that they are taken care of and things flow smootly.

If you would like to support these wonderful men and women who are seriving in the sandbox here are a few places to go.

Soldier's Angels a great organization.

Keystone Soldier's a local PA group helping those who serve.

Valour IT voice activated Laptops for injured troops.