Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Water Water Everywhere

WOW! We lucked out in my area but many areas all around me haven't been so lucky. We had some water in the basement but we always have that. The creek about a 1/2 mile away flooded overnight but that is expected. In other areas of PA & NJ though they are talking anywhere from 4 feet to 16.8 feet above flood stage! One defenition of flood stage that I read is the stage when a river or creek will overflow it's natural banks. That means that in Easton PA tomorrow the river will be 16.8 feet above the natural banks of the river or at least where the flood gage is. WOW! That is some serious water. The photo above was taken from a local paper and shows flood waters covering US Rt 1 in Chadds Ford PA!

To all those who think about driving thru the water I say simply, "Don't! Unfortunatly my work demands kept me at work today and not out shooting my own photos of the weather and the various public safety incidents from it.

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