Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Unit

The Unit was excellent as always and the ending of the final episode for the season finished up in typical Shawn Ryan style. If anyone is a fan of "The Shield" they will know what I mean. Shawn enjoys putting a major event into action with serious consequences for one or more main characters then cutting things off til next season!

I wasn't sure about the Unit at first but it's pretty good, I love The Shield and can't wait for the next season of that to start.

I missed George W's speech Mon nite because we were late getting back from our anniversary dinner. I have read the cliff notes though and think that putting unarmed guard personnel on the border is not just stupid, it's negligent. My big question is this, if a man making $3 a day can save money to pay someone $1000 to smuggle him over the border how are we stopping well financed terrorist organizations from using this route to enter our country and setting up shop somewhere. These folks have lots of money to burn and I am sure that the coyote doesn't say "I'm sorry sir you are not Mexican I don't smuggle arabs because I love the USA!" There is a lot of talk and comments on Blackfive Make sure you read the various comments from readers of Blackfive.

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