Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Top Five

While mowing the lawn tonite I got to thinking about some of the cool places I have been and the cool things I have had the opportunity to do so here's my top 5.

Top 5 Places I have Seen

1. Jost Van Dyke BVI
2. Mt McKinley AK
3. Portage Glacier AK
4. Catania Sciliy
5. Aericibo Puerto Rico

Top 5 Coolest things I have done.

1. The first time I crawled into a working building fire.
2. Gotten Married
3. Riding w/ the busiest FD batallion chief in the Badlands of Phila.
4. Sailing in the Caribbean
5. Flying in a C-130 to the Desert

Add your Top 5 in the comments!

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