Monday, May 29, 2006

Today We Remember!

This Memorial Day we spent with friends working to get our pool up in time for the big summer heat waves we get so much of in the NE U.S. Then we cooked up some meat and had some other goodies. I did have some time to reflect on the fabulous freedoms we have that we are all able to be together and celebrate this day. I don't have any Memorial Days stories other than the days of watching to annual parade each year, then as I got older riding in the parade first with my father in the back of a patrol car then as I got older as a member of the fire dept. I did however find a couple of fine posts on other blogs I'd like to share with everyone.

1st Check out Sgt Hook's post about his good friend Tre who was killed in Afghanistan back on 28 Jun 05.

2nd Check out some very good posts on Army Wife Toddler Mom's Blog

Of course we can never forget Blackfive who has some great posts on this special day.

To those who have given the ultimate sacrificed so my family and I can enjoy our freedom and for those who have died trying to bring our precious freedom to the oppressed through out the world I raise my glass in a silent toast and salute to your memory and your actions. May we meet again one day.

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