Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Living in Fast Forward

Things are settleing down for a few days, we actually went out to a long lunch today. Earlier our Col came over to give us kudos for a job well done w/ everything. Then the head inspector stopped by to see our operation. WOW! It was worth all of the long days and later nights.

Tommorrow will be another work day then Thurs AM we find out how well we did. It sounds like everyone passed but we'll see if we get the much coveted Outstanding, an excellent or just a satisfactory. Then we will be heading home early w/ Fri off. Monday will be an extra day off for me as Vicki & I head into the city to take her to see her new back doctor, then we will find someplace nice for dinner for our 11year Anniversary.

Tues & Wed bring short days w/ more appointments for each of us then back into fast forward again til after July 4th.

We also are taking care of a very large rotty for a friend of a friend. His name is Zeus and he is a handful, but a very protective and loving boy. I'll get some photos and post one this weekend.

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