Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Well I went to the GI (Not the Gov Issue, GI), doc today and he seems to think I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome so he wants to blood tests and gave me a script for Levsin which helps a little bit. I am also now going to keep a journal of what I eat and my various stomach ailments. I have always had stomach problems so this explains a lot of things. So now I need to take a hard look @ what I eat, the stress in my life etc and see what I need to do to live a nomal life with this. There is a lot on the web but I haven't been out to check too many places, I see some blogs out there too so I'll check them out first for the first hand accounts of what others deal with.

I am off to watch Deadliest Catch on DSC then The Unit, then off to bed. More tommorrow on my new diagnosis.

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Army Wife said...

I have IBS, welcome to the crap club