Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hurricane Prepardness

As the 2006 Hurricane season approaches I hope everyone is at least thinking about what if.

What if I had to evacuate?
What if I was stranded in my house?
What if there is no electricity for a week? Month? Longer?

FEMA has some great info @

There is a great quiz on MidAtlantic WX. I am embarressed to say that I only scored a 25 so I have some things to work on to be prepared.

We can't forget out pets during an emergency so if you have a pet check out;


OK, I am almost done on my soapbox. My final request is this; if you don't know CPR please make an effort this summer to learn it. It really doesn't take that long. Check out The American Heart Association for info on where they are giving classes. All you need to do is put your ZIP into the block and you will get a listing of all of the American Heart Assoc courses in your area. If you prefer the Red Cross Go Here

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