Saturday, May 13, 2006

Dreamer of Dreams & Traveling Man

"As a dreamer of dreams and a traveling man, I have chalked up many a mile, read dozens of books about heros and crooks and learned much from both of their styles"

So goes the line from one of my favorite songs by Jimmy Buffett. I think I like it so much because I can relate to it a bit. While I am not the son of the son of a sailor I do enjoy the water and I do love to travel. I have been many places mainly for work but also for pleasure. Up to 1986 I had only been to Florida and the states inbetween as we either flew or drove to visit the grand parents there. Then I joined the AF and I was off to San Antonio TX for basic, then off to Biloxi MS for school and took in the French Quarter while there. From there I had orders to Scott AFB in IL, but that changed and I was sent to Elmendorf AFB in AK. ALASKA? I ain't going to Alaska! That was my reaction at first but in April of 87 I was on my way after a short stop in PA to pickup some more seasonal clothes after being in MS since Dec. I hit the ground and was greeted by snow! It was mid april but there was still snow! I took in a lot of cool things in AK including fishing for King Salmon, 4 wheeling, hiking, and a lot more. I tried to get TDY's to most anywhere else from time to time but never managed to find one so in 1990 I was back to PA.

Since then my life has taken me as far north as VT including Mass, NY, & CT during the ride. As far south on the east coast as FL w/ stops in VA, NC, SC, & GA along the way. West to West VA and down into Skyline drive in VA. My job has sent me to TX & MS again w/ side trips to AL & LA. Plus out to AZ with a road trip into Mexico. Plus back to FL several times. I have also been to KS & NH. I have been overseas to Germany w/ side trips to Luxembough & Holland. I spent some time in Saudi w/ stop overs in Ireland, Cairo, & Kuwait. Spent time in Quatar, w/ stops in Lajes Portugal and Sicily.

As you can see my gypsy soul enjoys my work and the travel.

The books I have read have taught me many things & I have my favorite authors including; Jimmy Buffett, Tom Clancy, Dale Brown, Peter Jenkins, Stephen Hunter, & Don Pendelton. Of course I can't forget the Rouge Warrior himself, Dick Marcinko

I guess I enjoy military books because I can relate, I also enjoy W.E.B Griffin's Badge of Honor series, plus like anyone who enjoys the islands I have read "Don't Stop the Carnival" by Herman Wouk.
Other favorites include Leo Stapleton & Dennis Smith, who have written some of the greatest firefighting books ever. I started reading Dennis' Report from Engine Co. 82 when I was about 8 and have read it several times since. Always a great read.

That's it for today folks more to post later in the weekend I guess.

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