Saturday, May 27, 2006

Don't Drink & Drive

Once again I witnessed a serious reminder what happens when people drink and drive. Last nite (Fri) while watching TV my fire pager alerted for an accident reported w/ an unconcious person, before I could decide to go or not it realerted reporting that there was now a subject trapped. As I headed out the door and got into my truck I heard our fire chief arrive on the scene and report very heavy entrapment. I missed the first out engine but rode the officer's seat of the second out engine. We arrived and I saw that yes there was very heavy entrapment. The minivan had side swiped a tractor trailer traveling the opposite direction which had take the drivers side door off and had damaged the front end including taking off the drivers side front wheel. We assisted the crew of the first out engine and Rescue 19 from Hockessin with removing the entire roof from the minivan and pushing the dashboard forward to remove the driver. Once he was removed and put on a stretcher he went into cardiac arrest and was pronounced dead at the hospital. So remember this weekend, if you are drinking let someone else drive.

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