Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Big Inspection Day 1

Well it is finally here, our big inspection. Today was the first day and seems to have gone well but we really won't know everything til Wed. I spent a couple hours off and on with our inspector today and will probably spend a couple more tommorrow. Then we get a couple days of a break til Wed.

Vicki and I are still missing Miss Lady at every turn. Still looking for her and still saving food from our plate for her. We are considering another dog to fill our void and have started looking @ dogs from the German Shepherd Rescue of SEPA

Some of my fellow airmen & women are in harms way once again. We deployed people and aircraft into the Afgan theater again to support OEF. Many of these people are on their third or fourth tour in the big sandbox.

That's all for now, more tommorrow nite.

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