Friday, May 26, 2006

28 Percent!?!

A recent Gallup Poll showed that only 28% of American's know the real meaning of Memorial Day. That truly saddens me. 28% of the roughly 282 Million people means that only 79 million people in the country know why we have a day off on Monday and what it truly means. If you subtract the 1 million active military and 25 Million Veterans in the country only 53 million people which is about 19% of the total us population really know the meaning behind this very special holiday. Over half of those 19% are probably the family members of military personnel and vets so roughly 10% of the non military affiliated in our country care about those who have given the ultimate sacrifice.

Last Memorial Day I attended a local parade which honored the fallen and saw so many people who didn't even know that it's proper to stand when the American Flag passes by in a parade, the ones who were standing we most likely the vets, including one gentleman who was probably a WWII vet, who, even though he clearly had difficulty getting up and down made it a point to stand every time even though very few around him did. His day was probably spend remembering his buddies from that war the ones who didn't make it home and the ones who did but were now gone. This gentleman was truly a hero of his time, I am sure he didn't feel that way and I wouldn't single him out in public like that but I felt he was a hero who fought for his country and asked nothing in return other than respect. Please take a moment this weekend to reflect on the price of the freedoms we enjoy. Whether it's @ 1500 on Monday during the National Moment of Remembrance or some other time it doesn't matter. Just take time to remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and maybe raise a glass of your favorite beverage in their honor.

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