Saturday, April 22, 2006

Who Am I???

I guess there are people other than family and friends who are checking out my blog. So I guess I need to tell a bit about myself to fill you in, plus some of my family and friends might learn a thing or two about me.

1st off I am an American Military member currently serving in the ANG. Prior to that I was active duty AF from 86 to 90 and spent most of my time @ Elmendorf in Anchorage AK. That was fun and will make an interesting post someday. I currently have 14 years in w/ a 6 year break in service. While I am a milblogger I haven't really spent anytime in the sandbox, other than a 2 week tour right before 9/11 in Saudi and an overnite somewhere else after the war started. I have been fortunate to this point not to have been asked to go and to be busy enough stateside not to ask to go over.

I am married and my wife & I both enjoy traveling a bit, I have had the good fortune to travel extensively with the military mainly stateside and some overseas. Plus my wife and I have roadtripped a bit and recently did a week in the Virgin Islands. I enjoy traveling so much I truely relate to the line in Jimmy Buffett's "Son of a Sailor" and am a dreamer of dreams and traveling man.

I am a patriot and a community servant, I have been a volunteer firefighter since I was 16 and still enjoy it today. I believe in giving back to the community and wish more people would do the same. While I am not as active as I once was in the fire service I am still running calls and when the big one hits I am usually there. I might sleep in and not roll out on the small calls at 3am but if it's a big deal then I will drag myself out from under the covers and head out.

My other interests include reading, writing, drawing, photography, and firearms.

Hopefully this will shed some light on who I am and what I do to keep my sanity.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Chuck - -Thanks for the update on your personal information. It is helpful as we read your other blogs. You totally won us over with the Jimmy Buffett, "Son of a Sailor" thing. And we too love the islands. If every American had done as much as you have to serve your country we would be in great shape! Thanks especially for you Military service, past and present. Best of luck to you and your wife. Does she realize how lucky she is? Hope you never have to go to the sand box or anywhere else in this war on terrorism. To tell you the truth we feel a whole lot better knowing there are men like you around right here at home if you know what we mean. We will be reading you. Keep blogging fellow citizen.
Your new readers,
Newton, Tx