Sunday, April 16, 2006

Sunday AM

1st Thanks to Armywife for being the first to comment. Yes Ed would have enjoyed that ride I'm sure.
Second, I have to say I agree with Princess Cat @ Swiftkick and a Bandaid about the immigrant protests the other day. Check out her post

I have to say that I am not sympathic to their cause, it's called illegal immigration because it is just that, when my great grandfather brought his family here back in the early 1900's he didn't sneak in on a freighter or in the back of a truck, he did it the proper and legal way. I haven't seen amnesty for other crimes yet so why this? It's not like a library book that you just accidently kept too long and now it'll cost more in fines than it would to replace it, plus nobody wants to look at the librarian when she see's you have had the book for over a year. Illegal immigration is a crime just like robbery or car theft. Maybe W needs to announce National Robbery Amnesty Day for May 1st. If you take whatever procceeds you have left to the police and tell them where you got it they can close the case and maybe get enough money to buy a new police car or something. It's ludacris but then again we are kinder and gentler in the new age of Political Correctness! I think ICE should have surrounded a couple protests and rounded people up, they could have taken a lot of folks into custody that day and at least kept them out of the country for a week or so.

Well so much for being PC today. Happy Easter folks and remember it's not about the Easter Bunny, it's about the Resurrection of Jesus after he died for all of us. That is a pretty serious favor for a brother to do.

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