Sunday, April 23, 2006

More Hilton Info

Check out Andi's World for some excellent info on the Fran O'Brien's deal with Hilton. Hilton is working on a spin for it but in my opinion the truth is out, the Hilton folks don't want to deal with the wounded troops. That is the bottom line, in fact they aren't big on people w/ disabilities as their escalator @ the Captial Hotel has been broke for a couple of years! What a discrace! My big hope here is that this will snowball against them. I am sure that the folks over @ the Redskin's organization will support Marty as he is part of their family, I hope that the entire NFL follows suit. That would surely hurt to have the entire NFL organization spend their travel dollars elsewhere, like @ Marriott! The number of veteran owned businesses out there is very high, I am sure that they will take their business elsewhere, in fact several already commented over @ Andi's World about no longer staying @ any Hilton Property. Also, watch CBS News on Mon evening for more on this issue, the MSM is picking it up as a national story now so it should get peoples attention! Once again, bloggers picked it up first and then the MSM took it onward.

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Anonymous said...

Chuck - - Thank goodness for the internet. The truth has free rein here and one person can reach a good many more. Hopefully we can counter all the lies being put out in other medias. We won't go to a Hilton. In fact we don't go to many place or buy certain products. Why aid the enemy. We pay more sometimes to deal with "real" Americans. Thanks for giving us the word on this. Hang in their fellow American. Remember that freedom of speech is for truth tellers as well as for all those liers who hide behind it.
Thanks for all you do.