Friday, April 21, 2006

More Faces of War

I found an excellent post from TF Boggs linked from Milbogwire. Boggs is a true hometown hero, he's a Sgt in the Army Reserve who is voluntarily on his second deployment to Iraq. His words here are very well written and very informative. He talks of his time spent with Kuwaiti translaters who were working in the prison he was assigned to on his first deployment. While many of these folks were younger there was one older gentlman who remembers the days when the Iraqi Army invaded Kuwait acting like hoodlums and gangsters in the streets. Check it out @

In other news things here are hectic, I am working a good bit readying for 2 compliance inspections, plus our wonderful dog Lady is sick and having trouble from old age. Hopefully she will get better soon.

Working tommorrow but hope to post a bit more here on Sun & maybe Monday.

Also a shout out to all of the Milbloggers who are at the 1st Annual Milblog Conference in DC this weekend. Sorry we couldn't get better weather for you.

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Anonymous said...

Hello - -Found you after reading your comment on Bored Soldier Blog, and liked your comment very much. Now we like what you have written here on your site as well. Thanks. What you say is true and truth in print is hard to come by now days. Try Michael Yon at for a great read before you fall asleep at night. Hope you get a chance to write more and we will visit your site. Take care and thanks.
A&N (annie & neatie)
Newton, Tx