Sunday, April 16, 2006

Crappy Way to Finish Easter

Yesterday was our Easter Dinner w/ good friends. Today was a lazy day, a little cleanup from yesterday and relaxing. Then at 1318 my fire pager went off and the day went down hill from there. Not so much for me but for many other people. Usually the pager means someone's in trouble and has called for the fire company, the ambulance or both. This time the dispatchers calm voice gave a location and the type of incident was a plane crash. Well, that got my attention and I was on my way out the door after a quick kiss for the wife and handing her my wedding ring so I didn't lose it.
As I started my truck my radio came on and I heard the dispatcher telling our chief that numerous calls had been received, this was not a good sign. In my mind I knew that this would be the real deal but still thought it might not be too bad. I rode the first out engine and we arrived right behind the paramedic unit to find a plane in the middle of the woods with lots of fire. We slogged thru a couple hundred yards of swamp to get to it and there wasn't much we could do for the pilot. His son survived and was flown from the scene but it is a sad Easter for some folks in my area tonite. Rest Easy Mr Pilot.


Jo said...

Oh Chuck, how sad. What a way to spend Easter. I am glad the son survived.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chuck,

We recently lost a soldier in a motorcycle accident on his way to work as well. Very tragic. Please email me his name?