Monday, April 24, 2006

Commonwealth or Common Thief?

Well I think I finally understand what it means to live in a Commonwealth, it means that all of the government entities share in the wealth of the common man through taxes. If I buy most things in PA I pay a sales tax of 6%, unless it’s food (not prepared food though), clothing or medicine. I also pay income tax each year to the state and an earned income to the borough. Plus I get a bill from the county I live in for my county taxes, then I get a bill from the borough which I live in for Boro taxes, then I get the worst bill of all, the one from the school district where I live but don’t have any kids in school for my school taxes. All told I pay taxes to 2 states, the county, the town and the school. In return for this I get the basic services that everyone gets even if they rent or just work in the township. I get someone to answer 911, I get the state police and for 20 hours a week I get a local police officer under contract with another dept, I get snow removed from my street (which is a major state road anyways), I get a few other basic services too. In addition to that I must pay quarterly into the borough trash contract for trash removal even though I have no choice in the company who does it or any say in the rules imposed on us by them. I must pay yearly for my part of the street light bill also. Also I have to pay the state to keep my truck on the street each year and I must pay a state certified garage to inspect my car and check my emissions each year. All told it costs me close to 10K a year to live here and have the privilege of spending my money here. My taxes are over ½ of that expense. But I wouldn’t live in any other country at all, just maybe a different state!

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