Saturday, April 15, 2006


Weds Nite I had the opportunity to witness the brotherhood of arms in action.

On Sun 4/9 a member of our Operations Group was killed in a motorcycle accident. He was only 23 and had only been in the unit for a couple years. While I didn't know him well I had dealt with him and knew his father who had retired from our unit. So I figured I would pay my respects and represent our flight since the viewing was in my neck of the woods. The number of military folks was overwhelming, the entire senior staff was present as were many others from various units on the base. This along with the many people he had touched in his short life filled the funeral home to capacity and made for a 2 hour wait in line. It was a wonderful example of the brotherhood of arms in action. We truly are a brotherhood bound by the nature of our mission and the knowledge that what we do while necessary, may require us to sacrifce ourselves for our country and our brothers.

Rest Easy Ed.


Army Wife said...

Godspeed Ed.....
took a ride tonight....a nice bike ride, full moon---

I thinkEd would have liked that.

Jo said...

Chuck, I am sorry about Ed, so untimely ripped from your midst. Smoke will rise from this lodge.